Friday, 1 February 2013

Sealed With A Kiss

We all know what it's like in these hellish Winter months, nights get darker, the rain and wind get heavier and your skin generally needs a pick me up. The parts of my body that seem to dry out the most are my lips & also my hands - which I know are big problems for many out there.

Below I have 3 wonder products that have helped me banish the Winter blues & have silky smooth skin for any month of the year. 

Lush - Popcorn Lip Scrub £5.25

I got this nifty little pot as a stocking filler from Santa & I've not been disappointed.
All I use is a quick dip with my pinky & buff all over my lips in a circular motion.
The ingredients are Coconut and jojoba oils, sugar, sea salt and polenta which are the perfect mix to buff your lips to perfection and leave them smooth and moisturised.

It also has popping candy sweetness with a hint of salted caramel flavour which they recommend you lick off afterwards, it was quite surreal but go for it :-) 

Vaseline Aloe Vera - £1.79

After using the above lip scrub I pop on this timeless little number. Vaseline has been around for years & I don't think quite gets the praise it should. It's a multipurpose product that I always have in my kit for make overs. It tames stray brows and also mixes well into a highlighter for cheeks, along with applying to the lashes for a day you don't wish to wear mascara. At £1.79 it's a steal, & this aloe vera version has got to be my favourite. 

Soap & Glory - Hand Food £5.00

I also got this as a stocking filler, & I already had one from my birthday back in November..(I'm a big Soap & Glory fan) I'm always one for using hand cream, & had never found one that worked to my standards. That was until I came across this little beauty. It has the famous Soap & Glory scent but works a treat on your paws. You only need a tiny amount as it goes a long way & keeps your hands silky soft all day long.

With it now being February I hope it's not long until the bitter cold leaves us for a while & we can welcome a little milder weather, but if not do not fear as above is your dry skin survival kit to get you through :-)

I'm heading off to New York next week so I'll hopefully return with some new Stateside products to add to my collection & I'll pop up a little review or two.

So Long
Amy x

Friday, 4 January 2013

A New Year

Hello Blog-Land,
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas & New Year & that Santa was good to y'all.
December flew by for me, in between picking up extra bits & bobs for presents & working it was Christmas Eve before I knew it, then New Year quickly followed.

This post isn't really on anything in particular, mainly just a little splurge of my thoughts and what I hope for in 2013 & looking back at my 2012. Last year was a great year for my make up, I was part of shoots & jobs that I never thought I would be, so thank you to each person I worked with & to those who recommended me to others as I wouldn't have got those posts without your help & faith in me. 

I also had a good first year in my para planning business which I do Monday through to Friday down in Irvine, it's a world away from my make up, being in with the finance world but to be honest I prefer that, it keeps the spark alive in each make up booking I do & job I get asked along to. 

I get said to me a lot from people "Being a make up artist must be amazing.."
The truth behind the matter is that yes the job itself is amazing, but being a FULL TIME freelance make up artist is hard, work doesn't come so easy through private bookings & believe me you have to do a lot of unpaid work first of all to get yourself out there in the open & to be recognised within the fashion industry. It's not a steady income and some people don't look at it as a "Proper job", whatever that may actually be but if you have faith in yourself & your work & don't let anyone stop you from achieving then you will get there, yes have a back up job that gives you the bread & butter monthly income that you need to get by on but never give up on your dream. I have a personal dream for my future with make up & I hope one day it happens, I've been very lucky in my line of work with some of the projects that I've got to be part of but that didn't come with a lot of graft before hand. It's a tough industry, not only for models but for all aspects, MUA's, photographers, stylists. I can now say that I'm proud of the work that I've achieved within 2012 & I hope that 2013 brings me another step up the wonderful creative ladder.

I am no where near the position of where I want to be within the creative world but I'm young, have all my years ahead of me & I believe that I have the determination and standard of work to get there. Will it be tough? Of course but I have got this far & that I am incredibly proud of. 

To anyone who is either taking those first steps to becoming a make up artist, or who have just graduated or to those who are merely just thinking about it but aren't 100% sure, I say GO FOR IT!! If you have creative flare, imagination & passion for your art then you will succeed. There's no doubt about it.

If there's anything that is worth following in 2013 then it's this..

I hope everyone has an amazing year.
Make all your wishes come true..
Amy xo

Monday, 17 December 2012

Tools Of The Trade

I've been doing make up now for around 3 & a half years and one question that I am asked around 99.9% of the time is this : "Should I use brushes when applying my make up?"
My answer? : Yes.

I'm not saying that you must turn yourself into Van Gogh & have a a mass of different brushes for each inch of your face, you may not even want to have more than 1 or 2, but one area that I believe should have brush application is your foundation. 

Being a make up artist, I am up there with the Van Gogh's who have a rather large brush collection, but for a regular girls day to day make up application I know that this isn't practical. This post is going to be around the most common brush that I'm asked about when out doing my bookings & that is the foundation brush.

Until you've used a brush to apply your foundation you may not ever think that it would make a difference..but believe me it does. It gives your base that all over even coverage, zero streaks and also allows you to get into those nooks & crannies around your nose and eye area that sometimes just fall flat of colour when using your hands. Plus keeps your fingers nice & clean, foundation free.

I have personal favourite brush that I'll fill you in on below..

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush £32.50

If you visit the MAC website this brush will state that it's used for blending face powder or pigments, I use it for my foundation. I was given this brush as a gift around 6 years ago by a friend & I have never looked back. I have my own personal one of these & have another 2 in my kit in which I use one for foundation and one for cream bronzer when out at bookings.

It's lightweight, and made from a soft blend of goat & synthetic fibres. All you need is a small drop of your regular liquid foundation and to apply buff the foundation evenly over your skin in a circular motion, making sure you cover your full canvas. 

At £32.50 I know that it's a bit steep for a foundation brush, but the quality of this product plus it's trusted life span, I PROMISE you that you wont regret it.

If anyone does try this for a first time then please let me know how you found it.
Until next time chica's,
Adios x 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Holidays 'R Coming..

Brrrr...Winter has fell into the palm of our hands with a severe BANG this year.
We've had snow, sleet, ice, wind, rain, hail & it's only the 6th of December.
Personally, I don't expect much else from bonnie old Scotland buy hey'ho. 
Stick on the good thermals & out you go.

This blog post is gonna be a bit of a mish-mash I think of general ramblings of what I've been up to the past week or so along with me declaring my love for Soap & Glory, so here goes..

As soon as December hits my make up calender seems to take a booming with bookings, so last Saturday was no different, with it being the first official "Christmas Party" weekend I was out in force with my tools to make over all those folk heading out for a good old shin dig.

I was especially excited to be taking my new Roo Beauty  brush case for it's first ever outing, it's a great little number, to store all of my brushes without taking up too much room in my kit.

    They come in a variety of prints but I chose this statement leopard print.

I had 3 bookings on Saturday, super glam  seemed to be the main theme so I went all out with lashes, metalic shadows and pillar box red lips.

First up was Caitlin heading out for her works Christmas party in the West End.

Next up was Lisa, she had her works Christmas ball in the Marriott Hotel.

Cara was last who was also going to the Christmas ball in the Marriott Hotel. 

I used a variety of products on each girl, Urban Decay shadows were my choice of the day though, with such great pigment & shimmer they were a perfect selection for the party season. The magic red lip was created by my faithful Illamasqua Maneater lipstick. It has the staying power of super glue, a must have for anyone who loves a bit of red lippy.

I am fully booked for the full of December now so I shall be posting weekly of each booking I take in with each look & product info for anyone interested.


To get myself into the Christmas spirit I'm heading into George Square this weekend to take a wander through the lovely lights, the Christmas market & hopefully manage to get my boyfriend to come ice skating with me :-) My decorations are up & I'm ready to indulge in some serious Christmas shenanigans. 

I got an array of great Soap & Glory products for my birthday that I so kindly asked for as I had never experienced their greatness before, one word : WOW! I never knew that such products existed. They have left my skin feeling super soft & each time I leave the bath I feel that I've just been pampered from head to toe. 

If like me you'd never tried Soap & Glory, then get to your nearest Boots store & get stocking up. They're doing 3 for 2 just now on all products, you wont regret it. Below are three of the 6 products that I received. 

Soap & Glory - Flake Away Body Scrub 300ml

 This is amazing, it's a super strength skin smoothing body exfoliator with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Say goodbye to dry scaly legs forever. You'll feel polished from head to toe. RRP £7.00

Soap & Glory - Scrub Actually 200ml 

This is another body scrub from S&G which I would highly recommend, I use this one on my face & upper body as it contains smoothing brown sugar which is delicate to the skin & leaves me feeling baby smooth. RRP £7.00

The Righteous Butter Lotion 500ml 

This is a super smooth body lotion which leaves your skin soft & silky all day. The pump bottle makes it all that more practical along with having such a sweet scent that keeps you smelling puuuurty all day long. RRP £10.

Oops, I kinda went on a little more that what I had hoped for tonight but before I wrap it up I just wanna say thank you to anyone and everyone who takes the time out to read my little blog, whether it's a one off read of you read it each time then every little counts :-)
It's just a collection of my thoughts and work & I appreciate each person who reads it.

Peace & Love
Amy x

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hints & Tips

It's almost December, Santa will soon be paying us all a visit (I wish..)
Where has the time went? I can't quite believe how quickly this year has passed.

This month has been crazy for myself, I turned 21 at the weekend there so it was a flurry of champagne, cupcakes & lots of lovely presents from my family, friends and boyfriend. Does this now mean that my next "BIG" birthday will be when I turn 30?! **GULPS** 
Oh no..LOL

I had a fantastic weekend and was spoiled rotten so thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and & also to all who gave me such lovely gifts & cards. 

(Just a little photo below of me & some of my nearest & dearest)

This little blog post is going to just be a small variety of different hints & tips that I've picked up about make up & beauty products along the way throughout my career. If you all have any more that you can add to my list or can give me a heads up on then drop me a message or email, I love finding out new things :-)

No1. I picked up this little idea when I used to wear fake tan/tinted moisturisers/facial tans etc & the residue used to go over my bed linen.
If you have an old tshirt in the house then place this over your pillow like a 2nd pillow case, your fresh clean pillows wont get those nasty fake tan streaks & your problem shall be solved. (Also wear a onesie if you have one when applying tan to your body, again avoiding the dirty bed sheets in the morning)

No 2. If you're planning on a heavy eye make up, or any eye look at all in my opinion always apply your eyeshadow first before anything else on your face. Start with a eye primer on your lid to stop creasing (Elizabeth Arden - Eye Fix is my fav) & then apply on top. This stops any eyeshadow falling down onto your freshly applied foundation & is easy to wipe away without taking your make up off. 

No 3. If you're a nail polish addict like myself then you'll know that too much polish on your nails time and time again can leave a yellow stain on the nails (Not attractive) To prevent this look then always apply a bast coat to your nails (Illamasqua Base Coat is a great little number) which protects the nail and also keeps your polish on for longer.

No 4. Always give your hair a little treat now and then, this home made hair mask is amazing. Bizarre, yet amazing LOL - It's a combo of egg yolks, olive oil & water. Told you it was bizarre. All you need is :

2 egg yolks.
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup of water

(Massage into through your hair &  scalp & leave for 15-20mins, then rinse off)
 It's rich in proteins, vitamins and super nourishing fatty acids, the egg yolks wont only make your hair softer shinier and healthier but it will also help your hair grow.

I hope this small selection of tips and hints have helped & I'll be sure to update with some more now and again.

Until then little females I'm gonna leave you with one more thing, always remember to..

 Peace & Love
Amy x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise, Eye Cream, Face Serum, Face masks bla bla...The list can go on.
We all know that when it comes to a beauty regime that we all want something that wont take up half an hour of your morning but will still make you look & feel great.
Unless it's pamper night in my house I don't like to spend far TOO much time prep'n my face before make up or before hitting the hay at night so I was over joyed to stumble, across these little pots of wonder on my trip down in Newcastle..

Lush is a shop that I've never actually been into all that often, I have passed it many a time when out in Glasgow & no one can deny the overwhelming scent of different bath bombs, bars of soap etc that are pilled high in an array of colours that may tempt the female eye but nope, not for me, or so I thought..

It was only when I had some time on my hands down in the Metro Centre that I thought I'd take a wander in, I was amazed at just how many varieties of soaps one place could actually stock. I automatically turned into a kid in a candy store, the colour, smell, sparkles really did pull me in..

I was offered a skin consultation by one of their friendly members of staff..This is when I realised that Lush actually sold skincare products. Eg Cleaners, toners, etc. I'm quite big on my skincare routine & as I was running low I thought why not. After my consultation, I decided on the below 3 products for my regime & I must say I can't fault them one bit. 

Cleanser - Angels On Bare Skin

This cleanser comes in a solid form which I've been using in the shower. You only use a pea size amount and it turns into a milk which you can lather all over your face. It removes dead skin cells and gives your face the baby soft skin that it's always wanted. Made with all natural ingredients it's hard to go wrong & at only £6.25 it is a STEAL! It's up there with one of the best cleansers I've ever used.

Toner - Eau Roma Water

Toner is something that many people skip on a routine, I must admit it's not something I use ALL the time but this little number is so lovely & refreshing that I've used it every day. This product is great to use post cleanser as part of your routine or for a freshen up during the day. Simply spray onto a cotton pad and wipe away a face full of sin. A refreshing combo that is made from rose absolute. A little piece of heaven to brighten up your day.
£7.25 for 250g or £3.95 for 100g.

Moisturiser - British Nanny

It's safe to say that this moisturiser IS the best one I have ever used. I tend to have quite dry skin from time to time & I like a moisturiser to have an almost face mask feel. This luxurious little pot is a dab hand at making your face feel like it's just paid a visit to a Spa for the day. This was the most expensive of the 3 at £29.95 but for me it was worth it. 

As I paid at the check out I noticed another little pot that badly was screaming my name. Say Hello to SWEETIE PIE SHOWER JELLY!!

In the words of Lush themselves this is how they describe our Sweetie Pie :
"If a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair,
this would be the resulting jelly baby
 I wasn't 100% sure on how I would get on with this wobbly wonder but I must admit it has been great. Again like a lot of the above products you only need a small volume of product to create the desired effect. This one was no different. Take a pea size amount and rub into a lather and ENJOY! Also, the seaweed gel is not only for skin, it's amazing for your hair and scalp so CHUCK IT ON! It made mines feel great.
Only £3.10 RRP!

It's quite amazing what you can discover when you just take the time out to have a gander.
I'm very very happy with my products & I think I'll be asking Santa for an almighty Lush gift set for Christmas.

Until next time bloggers,
Amy xo


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello November..

So October has left us & November has hit me with a BANG!
Man. Where is this year going?!

Last week I commented that I was heading off to Newcastle for the weekend.
Not only did me & my boyfriend live it up being Batman & Poison Ivy, we also went to see my love that is Nicki Minaj. Man she was AWESOME! 

I never thought I could fangirl. Or that I could ever be capable of doing it but my oh my I went crazy! I was even more happy at the fact that our Minaj didn't disappoint and came on stage right on time at 9:15 & stayed on until 11. Tyga was her supporting act & he was just as good..Rack City Bitch..Rack Rack City Bitch..(I'm a tad obsessed by this song ..)

If you get the chance then DO go see Minaj. She wont let you down.

* * *
We decided to dress up both Friday & Saturday so I couldn't wait to get my costume on that I'd spent that last few months making. I'm going to make a short list of the items I bought along with how I made my costume once I've posted my photo's. I'd seen so many generic Poison Ivy costumes in the shops & ZERO of them took my fancy.

Below is my costume, along with my boyfriends amazing Batman Movie Replica Costume.
(You can tell we take it seriously..)

- The wig that I purchased for the night is from the great Annabelle's Wigs - This was my 3rd wig from there & I literally cannot fault them. Amazing quality & last a lifetime. Click on the link above to be directed straight to their page.
- My corset came in the bright green colour & I purchased this from eBay for £14. It came from Hong Kong & was of good quality regarding the price. I bought 9 foot of fake Ivy from Amazon in order to cover the full corset & skirt. For my corset I used general fabric glue in order to stick each individual leaf to my corset. (Takes time but is worth it)
- I bought the material & threads for my skirt from Mandors fabric store in Glasgow (£15). Luckily I have a friend (Lorna Shields) who is designer who was a dab hand at making my wrap around skirt for me. I genuinely can't thank her enough. I then used more of my ivy to indivudually stitch the ivy onto the chiffon skirt. (Again takes time but worth it, don't glue the leaves onto the skirt as it wont work with chiffon fabric)
- I bought a pair of tan sheer tights from Amazon also for £4 to give my legs a glossy effect. 
The headband I made is from a cardboard eyemask that I cut in half across the middle and attached elastic to in order to go under my wig. Again I fabric glued more ivy leaves to this.
- For the final added touch I bought more ivy & wrapped it around my neck & shoulders & tucked this into my corset at each side.
- For my Ivy make up I used eyelash glue & cut up individual leaves and stuck these along where my eyebrows would be. I also used 3 shades of green for eyeshadow, fake lashes & also used bright orange lipstick for the poisonous kiss.
I hope you like my costume & it inspires more of y'all to start making your own costumes.
 Hero Vs Villain

 Now that's the costumes away for another year sadly..
I hope you all had a great Halloween & went all out.
I polished off the actual day itself by doing some make up bookings & making a Halloween buffet. Home made pizza's, bat cookies & cupcakes.

Now it's time to get out the Christmas Decorations.
Oh dear..

Peace & Love
Amy x