Monday, 6 August 2012

Swedish House Designer

Swedish House Designer..
Jennie Lööf 

There is nothing better than stumbling upon someone who's designs are so beautiful and perfectly crafted. That their passion for their art is so powerful that it makes working with them all that much more exciting...

This is my story of the wonderful Jennie Lööf, Swedish born designer who has found her way into Glasgow, taking the fashion world by storm.

I've had the pleasure of being Make Up Artist towards three amazing shoots with Jennie, two of which were for her collections on ASOS & it's been a joy to work with her. We click when we work together & I look forward to every project that I'm asked to be part of.

Jennie Lööf Clothes is the Scotland based fashion brand run by Jennie Lööf.
Under the collective brand name Jennie Lööf Clothes she makes 4 different lines:

  • Jennie Lööf  - A one off woman's wear line made from beautiful vintage fabrics.
  • LOVELY- A limited edition capsule collection made from contemporary fabrics.
  • Spatzera - Spats made for both men & women. 
  • NEW Menswear Line - This is due to premiere at the beginning of 2013. 

Jennie comes from a family of seamstresses and has been using a sewing machine from the young age of 7, making fantastic scrunchies for herself and her friends. It wasn't until the age of 15 she started designing and sat through most subjects at school in a land of her own, drawing away.
In her early 20’s Jennie spent a year at a weaving and pattern construction school in the south of Sweden. It was there that she really started taking her knowledge of fabrics and patterns to a new level.
After finishing her studies in Sweden she got a scholarship to go work abroad for 6 month and it was this that brought her to Glasgow, Scotland.
The 6 month scholarship was spent in the Tron Theatre wardrobe department where Jennie worked her way up from intern to supervisor. To this day she still works as a freelance wardrobe supervisor for theatre's around the UK as well as running her own brand.
Below is a small selection of photo's from Jennie's Collections.
The Spats are currently waiting to be launched as well as the menswear so please enjoy the female attire that Jennie has designed & created herself.

Jennie Lööf Collection

The Collection of Jennie Lööf.

The Lovely Collection

The photo's attached are just a taster of what Jennie has to offer.
Independent designers are always the ones to keep an eye on for key statement pieces that you can wear all year round. & These stylish staples are no exception.
Next up for Jennie is the launch of Spatzera and she has a special Hogmany collection that is also in the pipeline.

If you're reading this & you have the buzz to be a designer or have always had the passion for fashion but don't know where to start, then why not pop along to one of Jennie's sewing classes to learn the tricks of the trade from a pro. 

You can find all the above items plus more for sale at ASOS Marketplace.
The small town girl from Sweden has made it big, & there is literally no stopping her.
Amy x