Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Drag It Out


Woah, it's been a while since I last updated this little sucker. 
I've been an extremely busy bee along with sunning myself up in Spain lately that I've literally abandoned by poor little blog. 

- - -

This is just a quick update of a look I done one night on myself back in April.
It's been YONKS since I done a self design in the comfort of my own little bedroom, taking be back to the days when I had all the time in world to play around with crazy ideas and chuck them on my face.

I thought I'd go all out this time around & decided to be a Drag Queen for the night.

If you wanna try it out then here are the steps below.
  • The look consisted of a LOT of foundation. (Illamasqua Rich Liquid 115)
  • Layer upon layer was added to my face until it resembled a blank canvas.
  • I could then contour my nose and cheekbones with some dark bronzer. I also created a drimple in my chin with this as well. (Illamasqua Duo Bronzer)   
  • My eyebrows were created with (Smashbox Brow Tech - Brunette)
  • I then used (Illamasqua Concealer in Black & White) to eyeline my eyes and fill in under the eye to create the look of them being larger than normal.
  •  I finished off the look with (Elizabeth Arden Lip Crayon in Natural) on the lips outlining around the mouth to make it larger and shadowing underneath with the above bronzer. 
  •  & Finished with a slick of (Smashbox Clear Gloss) 
 - - -

Of course the hair is not mines either. It's actually a Clip On Fringe that I had applied to the front of my head backwards & parted down the middle to give the look of a full head of brown hair.

These are available in all Sally's/Debenhams/Boots for around £8.

If anyone does decide to go ahead & give the look a bash then please do & send me a photo via email so I can have a look. I'm always interested to see other peoples work.

Until next time bloggers,
Amy x


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