Thursday, 9 February 2012

Little Minx

First of all I'd like to take this moment to shout from the rooftops that my beautiful little car has been found.
I cannot believe it but she's been found alive & well in someone's DRIVEWAY!
It was almost hitting the awful 2 week mark that she'd been stolen & I was preparing myself for the worst when I got the phonecall from the CID but I'm extremely happy to say that she's still with us.
Maz Lives On -
<3 <3 <3

Anyway..Back to business!!
It was sometime last week when I caught the undoubtdly stunning Miss Myleene Klass gracing my tv screen..AGAIN! (Ahem..) I was wondering to myself "What is she advertising now.." when I seen that it was only D-I-Y Minx Nails!! 

I knew I had to try them out as I had previously got Minx nails done on myself in a Salon which being honest were great at the time & looked fab but for £25 I thought it was a bit steep for some transfers.
I headed down to my local ASDA, well I'll be honest..My Mum headed down to my local ASDA while I was slaving away at work & purchased me a set with her weekly shop. They come in at a nice smart price of £6.
Compared to that of a salon price I thought it was great, but only time would tell if they were worth it.

It was last night I decided to try them out after I returned home from my trip to the Health Suite where I well & truly detoxed in the Sauna, Steam Room & Jacuzzi. The ones my Mum had picked me up were navy with white polka dots. Just my style. After reading the "Instructions" I got cracking.
There's 3 steps to applying them which were easy peasy in my eyes :

1. Pick the transfer that best suits your nail shape & attach it curved side down at your cuticle and press down firmly until transfer is smooth (No glue required).

2. Use scissors to cut excess transfer down to the tip of your nail leaving a little extra to cleanly file.

3. Use filing board which is included to gently file in a downwards motion to desired shape of your nail.

You have perfect Minx'd up nails for only a fraction of the price & fraction of the time.

 (These are actually my nails from last night)

A product in which I'll most definetely be trying again.
I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to jazz up their hands.
Until next time..
Amy xo

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