Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shoot Me Up

I'm very happy to see that my blog has over 1000 views since I started it up not that long ago. Considering I've not been keeping on top of it every day like I vowed I would at the start of the year I'm extremely proud & grateful to all who read it. Even if it's just one post that you've glanced at or you read each time I update then I'm thankful :-) Maybe one day I'll reach 10,000 .... **Gulps**

I was on a bit of a buzz kill recently considering I've been without a car for about a month now & only just getting a courtesy car last Friday I felt like I was lagging behind with my work. I had to cancel/decline shoots that I had been looking forward to due to the sheer fact of inconvenience & it was starting to get me down. BUT I've turned over a new leaf & realised that everything happens for a reason and I'm now more than pumped up for my up & coming shoots that are planned. I have an advertising campaign in the pipeline along with a large fashion project that I'm stoked about. 

Each day I get booked for work, asked to do TFP shoots, paid shoots, fashion shows etc I feel a sense of pride at the fact that 3 years ago this was all a fantasy for myself. I never once thought that the things that I've done I could be achieving in such a short space of time. From painting my own face everything under the sun in my room to working on projects for the BBC has literally been INSANE. It shows me that hard work DOES pay off & if you believe in yourself and don't give up then you can get places.

Of course...I have a LONG way to go if I ever want to achieve my dream of working for Vogue one day but I now I don't see this as some ridiculous fantasy that I have in my head, I actually see it as a challenge and I'm willing to do anything to get there. May that be in the next 5 years or the next 20 I wont give up as if I had when I've had set backs in the past then I wouldn't be where I am today. 

This has been quite a long winded post, much like all my other ones to be fair & also quite deep which is odd for myself as they're usually quite light hearted and informative. I just had a sense of realisation today that made me feel the need to express myself through writing my words down, I tend to ramble when explaining in person as my Mum, Dad, Boyfriend & whole extended family & Friends will probably tell you.

So with all that in mind I'm telling whoever may be reading this (If you've lasted that long that is..) that no matter what your dream may be then never give up on it. No matter how may set backs you get don't let it put you down, or make you give up. Turn the negative into a positive & use it to plough on through and show whoever/whatever has stopped you in the past that no matter what you're willing to succeed. 

Follow your dreams..& Don't never get lost in other peoples negativity..

Before I go I just have one last plug : 

I'm doing the 10K run as part of the Edinburgh Marathon in May for MacMillan Cancer Support. 
I have an online donating page that I just set up & anyone who would be willing to sponsor me can head there & part with some well earned cash. 

So long, 
Amy x

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