Monday, 12 March 2012

Fashion Forward

G'day Folks..

What a busy couple of weeks it's been for myself. Not just regarding the make up world but in general. Had a lot going on so apologies for the delay in updating this little sucker.

I had the privilege of working the lovely designer Miss Jennie Lööf last week on her stunning shoot for ASOS. It was an amazing team to be part of for
the day with images that look out of this world & that's BEFORE any retouching.

The shoot took place in the gardens of Jennie's studio where nestled beneath the trees lay 50's sun loungers, great woodland and some other fascinating bits & bobs. The weather stood the test of time for us & didn't disappoint. It may have been FREEZING & props to our 3 beautiful models for braving the cold but the sun was still shining & helped us through the day.

I was in charge of not only make up but also hair on thi
s shoot & I must say I was very happy with the outcome. With nothing TOO dramatic and bed head chic going out it was time to let the clothes do the talking. Each garment of clothing was beautifully designed & made by Jennie herself with every detail having been given 100% of her time & effort. & I must say it shows.

I cannot wait to launch date of this beautiful collection of clothes to go on sale & up on ASOS & to show the world what their made of. Below is a behind
the scenes snap that I caught on my handy little iPhone of the final image of all 3 models in their chosen item of the day.

I'm collaborating with the lovely Jennie again this Saturday for a Midsummer Nights Dream shoot & I must admit I cannot wait. It's taking place in a "Secret Location" that I'm stoke to get my paws on along with a crazy theme that let's me explore outside the box & let my inner creative animal run wild & free.

I'll be back to update on this exciting shoot along with the final images of this one.

Until then,
Peace & Love
Amy x

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