Monday, 22 October 2012

Ghosts & Ghoulies..

(I understand the actual 31st isn't until next week)
But this weekend the costumes shall be out in force as all the weird & wonderful 
creatures emerge from the night.

Halloween is easily my favourite time of year, it actually beats Christmas for me but shhhhh...Don't let Santa know that one. 
Which is why I've been extra nice to my blog & gave her a little make over, for the time being.  Every year I go to some length to make my own costume & not buy another generic one from the shelves. This year has been no different.
I'll be posting a blog on how I made my costume after this weekend.
I'm heading off to Newcastle for the weekend to live it up as none other than Miss Poison Ivy herself.

My lovely boyfriend is coming along with me as the legend that is BATMAN.
We might even clean up the Geordie streets once & for all. 
This costume I've made has probably had the most effort put into it ( Just think lots of fabric glue & a sewing machine) by a long way but hopefully it shall be worth it,
I'm looking forward to being a villain for the night. MUUU-HAA-HAA-HAAA...

Last year I went as a new take on your regular skeleton..

 I only managed to scare a few innocent members of the public..
I hope everyone has a great Halloween & I look forward to seeing all your costumes.
From the Halloween Mother herself.
Peace out xo

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