Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello November..

So October has left us & November has hit me with a BANG!
Man. Where is this year going?!

Last week I commented that I was heading off to Newcastle for the weekend.
Not only did me & my boyfriend live it up being Batman & Poison Ivy, we also went to see my love that is Nicki Minaj. Man she was AWESOME! 

I never thought I could fangirl. Or that I could ever be capable of doing it but my oh my I went crazy! I was even more happy at the fact that our Minaj didn't disappoint and came on stage right on time at 9:15 & stayed on until 11. Tyga was her supporting act & he was just as good..Rack City Bitch..Rack Rack City Bitch..(I'm a tad obsessed by this song ..)

If you get the chance then DO go see Minaj. She wont let you down.

* * *
We decided to dress up both Friday & Saturday so I couldn't wait to get my costume on that I'd spent that last few months making. I'm going to make a short list of the items I bought along with how I made my costume once I've posted my photo's. I'd seen so many generic Poison Ivy costumes in the shops & ZERO of them took my fancy.

Below is my costume, along with my boyfriends amazing Batman Movie Replica Costume.
(You can tell we take it seriously..)

- The wig that I purchased for the night is from the great Annabelle's Wigs - This was my 3rd wig from there & I literally cannot fault them. Amazing quality & last a lifetime. Click on the link above to be directed straight to their page.
- My corset came in the bright green colour & I purchased this from eBay for £14. It came from Hong Kong & was of good quality regarding the price. I bought 9 foot of fake Ivy from Amazon in order to cover the full corset & skirt. For my corset I used general fabric glue in order to stick each individual leaf to my corset. (Takes time but is worth it)
- I bought the material & threads for my skirt from Mandors fabric store in Glasgow (£15). Luckily I have a friend (Lorna Shields) who is designer who was a dab hand at making my wrap around skirt for me. I genuinely can't thank her enough. I then used more of my ivy to indivudually stitch the ivy onto the chiffon skirt. (Again takes time but worth it, don't glue the leaves onto the skirt as it wont work with chiffon fabric)
- I bought a pair of tan sheer tights from Amazon also for £4 to give my legs a glossy effect. 
The headband I made is from a cardboard eyemask that I cut in half across the middle and attached elastic to in order to go under my wig. Again I fabric glued more ivy leaves to this.
- For the final added touch I bought more ivy & wrapped it around my neck & shoulders & tucked this into my corset at each side.
- For my Ivy make up I used eyelash glue & cut up individual leaves and stuck these along where my eyebrows would be. I also used 3 shades of green for eyeshadow, fake lashes & also used bright orange lipstick for the poisonous kiss.
I hope you like my costume & it inspires more of y'all to start making your own costumes.
 Hero Vs Villain

 Now that's the costumes away for another year sadly..
I hope you all had a great Halloween & went all out.
I polished off the actual day itself by doing some make up bookings & making a Halloween buffet. Home made pizza's, bat cookies & cupcakes.

Now it's time to get out the Christmas Decorations.
Oh dear..

Peace & Love
Amy x

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