Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hints & Tips

It's almost December, Santa will soon be paying us all a visit (I wish..)
Where has the time went? I can't quite believe how quickly this year has passed.

This month has been crazy for myself, I turned 21 at the weekend there so it was a flurry of champagne, cupcakes & lots of lovely presents from my family, friends and boyfriend. Does this now mean that my next "BIG" birthday will be when I turn 30?! **GULPS** 
Oh no..LOL

I had a fantastic weekend and was spoiled rotten so thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and & also to all who gave me such lovely gifts & cards. 

(Just a little photo below of me & some of my nearest & dearest)

This little blog post is going to just be a small variety of different hints & tips that I've picked up about make up & beauty products along the way throughout my career. If you all have any more that you can add to my list or can give me a heads up on then drop me a message or email, I love finding out new things :-)

No1. I picked up this little idea when I used to wear fake tan/tinted moisturisers/facial tans etc & the residue used to go over my bed linen.
If you have an old tshirt in the house then place this over your pillow like a 2nd pillow case, your fresh clean pillows wont get those nasty fake tan streaks & your problem shall be solved. (Also wear a onesie if you have one when applying tan to your body, again avoiding the dirty bed sheets in the morning)

No 2. If you're planning on a heavy eye make up, or any eye look at all in my opinion always apply your eyeshadow first before anything else on your face. Start with a eye primer on your lid to stop creasing (Elizabeth Arden - Eye Fix is my fav) & then apply on top. This stops any eyeshadow falling down onto your freshly applied foundation & is easy to wipe away without taking your make up off. 

No 3. If you're a nail polish addict like myself then you'll know that too much polish on your nails time and time again can leave a yellow stain on the nails (Not attractive) To prevent this look then always apply a bast coat to your nails (Illamasqua Base Coat is a great little number) which protects the nail and also keeps your polish on for longer.

No 4. Always give your hair a little treat now and then, this home made hair mask is amazing. Bizarre, yet amazing LOL - It's a combo of egg yolks, olive oil & water. Told you it was bizarre. All you need is :

2 egg yolks.
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup of water

(Massage into through your hair &  scalp & leave for 15-20mins, then rinse off)
 It's rich in proteins, vitamins and super nourishing fatty acids, the egg yolks wont only make your hair softer shinier and healthier but it will also help your hair grow.

I hope this small selection of tips and hints have helped & I'll be sure to update with some more now and again.

Until then little females I'm gonna leave you with one more thing, always remember to..

 Peace & Love
Amy x

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