Thursday, 6 December 2012

Holidays 'R Coming..

Brrrr...Winter has fell into the palm of our hands with a severe BANG this year.
We've had snow, sleet, ice, wind, rain, hail & it's only the 6th of December.
Personally, I don't expect much else from bonnie old Scotland buy hey'ho. 
Stick on the good thermals & out you go.

This blog post is gonna be a bit of a mish-mash I think of general ramblings of what I've been up to the past week or so along with me declaring my love for Soap & Glory, so here goes..

As soon as December hits my make up calender seems to take a booming with bookings, so last Saturday was no different, with it being the first official "Christmas Party" weekend I was out in force with my tools to make over all those folk heading out for a good old shin dig.

I was especially excited to be taking my new Roo Beauty  brush case for it's first ever outing, it's a great little number, to store all of my brushes without taking up too much room in my kit.

    They come in a variety of prints but I chose this statement leopard print.

I had 3 bookings on Saturday, super glam  seemed to be the main theme so I went all out with lashes, metalic shadows and pillar box red lips.

First up was Caitlin heading out for her works Christmas party in the West End.

Next up was Lisa, she had her works Christmas ball in the Marriott Hotel.

Cara was last who was also going to the Christmas ball in the Marriott Hotel. 

I used a variety of products on each girl, Urban Decay shadows were my choice of the day though, with such great pigment & shimmer they were a perfect selection for the party season. The magic red lip was created by my faithful Illamasqua Maneater lipstick. It has the staying power of super glue, a must have for anyone who loves a bit of red lippy.

I am fully booked for the full of December now so I shall be posting weekly of each booking I take in with each look & product info for anyone interested.


To get myself into the Christmas spirit I'm heading into George Square this weekend to take a wander through the lovely lights, the Christmas market & hopefully manage to get my boyfriend to come ice skating with me :-) My decorations are up & I'm ready to indulge in some serious Christmas shenanigans. 

I got an array of great Soap & Glory products for my birthday that I so kindly asked for as I had never experienced their greatness before, one word : WOW! I never knew that such products existed. They have left my skin feeling super soft & each time I leave the bath I feel that I've just been pampered from head to toe. 

If like me you'd never tried Soap & Glory, then get to your nearest Boots store & get stocking up. They're doing 3 for 2 just now on all products, you wont regret it. Below are three of the 6 products that I received. 

Soap & Glory - Flake Away Body Scrub 300ml

 This is amazing, it's a super strength skin smoothing body exfoliator with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Say goodbye to dry scaly legs forever. You'll feel polished from head to toe. RRP £7.00

Soap & Glory - Scrub Actually 200ml 

This is another body scrub from S&G which I would highly recommend, I use this one on my face & upper body as it contains smoothing brown sugar which is delicate to the skin & leaves me feeling baby smooth. RRP £7.00

The Righteous Butter Lotion 500ml 

This is a super smooth body lotion which leaves your skin soft & silky all day. The pump bottle makes it all that more practical along with having such a sweet scent that keeps you smelling puuuurty all day long. RRP £10.

Oops, I kinda went on a little more that what I had hoped for tonight but before I wrap it up I just wanna say thank you to anyone and everyone who takes the time out to read my little blog, whether it's a one off read of you read it each time then every little counts :-)
It's just a collection of my thoughts and work & I appreciate each person who reads it.

Peace & Love
Amy x

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