Monday, 17 December 2012

Tools Of The Trade

I've been doing make up now for around 3 & a half years and one question that I am asked around 99.9% of the time is this : "Should I use brushes when applying my make up?"
My answer? : Yes.

I'm not saying that you must turn yourself into Van Gogh & have a a mass of different brushes for each inch of your face, you may not even want to have more than 1 or 2, but one area that I believe should have brush application is your foundation. 

Being a make up artist, I am up there with the Van Gogh's who have a rather large brush collection, but for a regular girls day to day make up application I know that this isn't practical. This post is going to be around the most common brush that I'm asked about when out doing my bookings & that is the foundation brush.

Until you've used a brush to apply your foundation you may not ever think that it would make a difference..but believe me it does. It gives your base that all over even coverage, zero streaks and also allows you to get into those nooks & crannies around your nose and eye area that sometimes just fall flat of colour when using your hands. Plus keeps your fingers nice & clean, foundation free.

I have personal favourite brush that I'll fill you in on below..

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush £32.50

If you visit the MAC website this brush will state that it's used for blending face powder or pigments, I use it for my foundation. I was given this brush as a gift around 6 years ago by a friend & I have never looked back. I have my own personal one of these & have another 2 in my kit in which I use one for foundation and one for cream bronzer when out at bookings.

It's lightweight, and made from a soft blend of goat & synthetic fibres. All you need is a small drop of your regular liquid foundation and to apply buff the foundation evenly over your skin in a circular motion, making sure you cover your full canvas. 

At £32.50 I know that it's a bit steep for a foundation brush, but the quality of this product plus it's trusted life span, I PROMISE you that you wont regret it.

If anyone does try this for a first time then please let me know how you found it.
Until next time chica's,
Adios x 

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