Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Face..

As I let you all know, I was shooting with up & coming model Charlene Key today & fantastic photographer Tom Cairns - The shoot went great, of course this helped as Tom made us all feel at ease in his company as well as his home (He can make a mean sandwich) The shoot consisted of 4 main looks which varied from Beauty, to Editorial which Charlene took in her stride & embraced each one with a fearless attitude. I believe she is certainly one to keep an eye on. I managed to go all sneaky paparazzi on her when she wasn't looking & shooting outside, here are a few of what went on behind the scenes..

I'm stoked to see the finished product & I'll be sure to upload them for you all to see as soon as I get my first look.

Until next time big blog world,
Amy x

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