Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pretty & Punk.

I've always been into photography, whether it be taking pictures outdoors, indoors, of friends, of myself, of still life..It's always been there. My Dad has always been big on photography also, I remember when I was younger going walks in Winter and taking amazing pictures of the nature that was outside that I still have to this day. With these thoughts in mind & a few trials of my own & my trusty Cannon in tow I decided to do a shoot where I was behind the camera as well as painting the faces of the pretty models...I decided to opt for two of my closest friends, Danielle McGuire & Claire Kelly to take on the role of being high class models for the day. They done exceptionally well & I really appreciated how much they got into it.

The theme we decided to go for in the end was Pretty & Punk - A look where Claire took on the role of being pretty & Danielle went for the more edgier look of the punk world. With change of clothes & also a change in make up we headed down to some old football cages where the shoot carried on with Claire taking on a much more masculine role & Danielle opting for a high class evening gown. They were a power couple in the making.

I just want to say a big thanks to both of my girls for putting in WAY more effort than I ever expected & I know that they'll be on speed dial for anything else in the pipeline. Here are a few shots of what went down..

Many thanks again girls - You's were fab
Mwah xo

Until next time,
Amy x

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